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Combo Packs

Combo Packs
  • product pickle

    icon picklegarlic dill

    Tangy and full of flavor, these garlic dill pickles are crunchy, flavorful and bright. Use the leftover brine to marinate tofu, chicken, in potato salad or re-pickling more vegetables.

  • product pickle

    icon pickleSpicy Dill

    Packing a punch these spicy spears bring the heat and make a signature sandwich! This is the original spicy recipe passed down from great grandma Lala. We don't mess around with the heat so get ready for a flavorful and spicy snack.

  • product pickle

    icon pickleSweet & Spicy

    Sweet and Spicy, Spicy and Sweet - We've taken the best of both worlds and came up with the perfect pickle. Pair these up with crackers, cheese or our olive tapenade!

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